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COVID-19 Disinfecting

NO Chemical Disinfecting While Your Facility Stays In Operation

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No need for personal protective equipment like suits or masks.  Our disinfectant is strong enough to kill tuberculosis and safe enough for all immune systems to breathe.  For more information visit our Resources page.


We use a "NoChem" Electrostatic Disinfecting Process.  In short, NO harsh chemicals and far superior coverage.

EPA approved hospital grade disinfectant for uses in Medical, Dental, Veterinarian, Institutional, Hospitality, Industrial, Commercial, and Residential applications.

Our solution is generated at a low pH range of 6.5 - 7. Other products are either very high pH (basic) or very low pH (acidic).  Because the product is very close to neutral pH, benign and water-based, the germ lets it in freely.  After it's inside, the FAC (Free Available Chlorine) destroys the bacteria, virus or spore - preventing resistance.

It disinfects and deodorizes by killing bacteria and their odors, yet has NO alcohol, fragrances, dye or VOC.  It leaves no harmful residue on surfaces after evaporation.  It is powerful enough to be used as a hospital disinfectant, yet gentle enough to use to disinfect baby toys.



Unlike traditional disinfectants and chemical-based cleaners, our solution (HOCl) is produced by electro-chemically activating a simple brine.  Like everything natural, HOCl reverts back into simple salt water and doesn't burden the environment.



Made from water, environmentally neutral & harmless to plants and animals.  Perfect for highly trafficked environments like schools, office buildings, meeting spaces, shopping malls, movie theaters, restaurants, grocery stores & hotels.

Annihilyte ® is both EPA registered and Green Seal Certified ®.




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